As leaders in Indoor Comfort Harmony Heating can add air quality accessories to your existing or new heating and cooling system that can improve the humidity and air quality in your home. These accessories can help reduce allergy symptoms and improve the comfort level in your home

Aprilaire Humidifiers add moisture to dry indoor environments during the winter heating season. They help eliminate static electricity, relieve allergy symptoms and protect your furniture and woodworking.

Control indoor humidity year round with an Aprilaire dehumidifier.  Did you know that although central air conditioners do remove humidity as a by-product of cooling, they normally don't run long enough (except on the hottest days) to achive optimal humidity in your home.  An Aprilaire dehumidifier will operate independently of your air conditoner based on the humidity level in your home and can deliver dry air through the same ducts used for your cooling without over cooling your home, especially during those cooler, clammy days when you have to lower your thermostat to feel comfortable.  Total comfort includes proper humidity and temperature control.

Air Cleaners
Aprilaire Air Cleaners remove unwanted dust, pollen, mold and other allergens and irritants. They also protect your heating and cooling equipment and can help prevent unwanted service repairs.

Zoning Systems
Eliminate the temperature differences througout your home with a zone control system.  Designed to deliver conditioned air to the rooms that need it.  Although zoning cannot always be added to every system, some single zone homes can be converted to multiple zones without adding additional equipment.

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