A/C Add On's or Replacements
For homes that have ducted warm air heating systems wishing to add central air conditioning or replace an existing one.

Gas Furnaces
New technology has improved the efficiency and comfort of warm air heating. Consider upgrading your warm air heating system to a new high efficiency gas furnace. Typically a furnace 20 years or older could have efficiencies as low as 60%. Todays modern forced air heating equipment achieve efficiencies up to 95% while maintaining more even temperatures throughout the entire house. Our comfort consultants can reccomend a system that will keep you comfortable and fit into your budget

Oil Furnaces
Replacing your old oil furnace now could reduce your fuel costs and eliminate costly repairs.

Overhead A/C installation and or Replacements
If your house has a hot water or steam type heating system we can install a seperate duct system in the attic that can deliver cool air to every room in your house. If you have an older overhead cooling system, consider replacing the entire system to get the efficiency you are paying for.

Ductless Systems
Ductless Air Conditioners are designed for cooling additions that your existing air conditioner cannot handle or for homes that installing ductwork is not possible

High Velocity Systems
Harmony Heating uses the Space Pak system for "central air anywhere". Our design staff can use this system for homes that have no where to install traditional duct systems, or to minimalize construction related to installing traditional ductwork in older homes.

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